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RE: Autofs question

On Tue, 5 Apr 2005, Rob Brenart (TT) wrote:

> Ok... here's what I'm trying to explain... let's say it's not /mnt and
> is instead
> /.autofs/Chicago/share1/
> /.autofs/Chicago/share2/
> Share 1 is coming from the UNC path \\machine1\someshare
> Share 2 is coming from the UNC path \\machine2\someothershare

if "Chicago" is NOT in the automap files, i'm not sure that autofs
will create a blank directory for you
	the whole /.autofs directory tree is controlled by autofs

if "Chicago" is another imported NFS machine, Chicago will need to be
told to allow anybody to mount \\machine1 to Chicago which will
indirectly look like /.autofs/Chicago/share1 to this local pc

> -------------begin auto.mnt---------------------
> uk/share

i doubt you can have a directory tree for a automount point
instead of s single name "uk.share"

"uk" would have to be defined previously in order for "uk/share" to exists

> packages/setups

same problem as "uk/share"

c ya

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