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Re: ALSA -sound

I apologize. Yes, I am running 2.6.07. I had built the kernel from a debian source
package, so I don't think I should have to re-install the kernel again. Honestly, I am
scared to re-install a new kernel as I don't know how many hours I put in to bring the
system to its present stage.

May be I rephrase the problem?

The sound card is seen in the boot process, and is identified.
However Alsaconf reports that it does not see any sound card. Should I compile the sound
card as a module?. Is this an alsa issue as why alsaconf should not find the card once it
reports having found during booting?

I reported earlier that I can play CDs using any of the players. I turnon the alsa-mixer
modules and it emits the sound. Also, when playing a streaming audio or an mp3 on file,
when I turn the volume to maximum, I can hear the hissing sound from the speakers. 

Sorry, cant give more hints than that. I am not an expert in this. Will appreciate any
trouble shoot tips. 

I will remove alsa completely and reinstall as suggested by you. Will report back.

--- "a.list.address@gmail.com" <a.list.address@gmail.com> wrote:
> On 4/18/05, Punit Ahluwalia <punit_a@yahoo.com> wrote:
> > > And what do these commands give as output:
> > > $> lsmod | grep snd
> > > $> lsmod | grep oss
> > >
> > QM_Modules: function not implemented for both.
> > 
> > By the way, I am running kernel 2.6.26. When compiling the kernel, I read somewhere
> that
> > OSS was not needed beyond kernel 2.6.XX. Furthermore, I compiled the sound driver
> direcly
> > into the kernel and not as modules, as you can see from the dmesg output.
> I think you must be mistaken; the latest released kernel is 2.6.11. 
> Maybe you're thinking of 2.4.26?
> Anyway, I recommend that you do not compile your own kernel unless you
> really need to.  I recommend that you use apt-get (or Synaptic,
> aptitude, etc.) to install the latest 2.6.x kernel-image package, then
> purge and reinstall the ALSA packages, then run alsaconf, and then see
> if that fixes it.
> Good luck.

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