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"Debian Within a Darwin System" 'Alt' key strange behaviour in gnome/metacity 10 copies of modprobe on iMac? Re: 2.4 & 2.6 kernels, should sarge be 2.6 only at least for powerpc ? 2.4.18 (on PM7600) - video fails - uniform grey screen 2.6.7 battstat-applet 802.11 Virus détecté dans le message "Order" [DEBIAN-EXPERIMENTAL] Accepted kaffe 2:1.1.4.PRECVS-1 (powerpc all source) [OT] iBook hardware problems [PATCH] ibook/M3 external screen [Patched Solution:] Re: Printing in Mozilla/Firefox with xprt-xprintorg - problems Re: [solved] pbbuttonsd new problems [SOLVED] Re: Urgent! Yaboot died, how to rescue? Abwesenheitsnotiz: Mail Delivery (failure adm103x module and 2.6.8 Airport problem ALERT - You Sent An Undeliverable Email Message Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?) Anjuta broken on PPC? Asian Teen Torture bad shading with eterm debianized Beige G3, /dev/random and entropy Booting installer on RS/6000 43p-140 Bootstrap partition with beta4 installer Re: Bug#234062 blender crashes xserver Bug#259945: udev: wrong permission for pmu device Can't get Kernel and intrid to start sarge installer creating kernel debs on other architectures Re: Re: Creating MacOS-X partitions under debian Creating MacOS-X partitions under debian? Cron unstable - binary missing Re: crosstool and .rpm's current power consumption daemon problems dead keys ibook g3 (old) console Debain and kernel adjustments (beginner) Debian + The new PowerBook G4 Debian on a 2.5 Ghz G5 - liquid cooling system Debian on a powerbook G4 Debian support for the lastest Powerbook 12" (1,33Ghz) Debian unstable, blackdown j2re1.3 and Mozilla DMA, kernel 2.6.6 and CD/DVD Eclipse on Debian GNU/Linux PPC esd and alsa Excluding modules from auto-loading external monitor on 15" titanium External monitor on iBook rev 2.2 Flashing screen G4 -L2 not enabled G5 install? Get a real paycheck HAL & sleep on iBook G3 hd light ibook 900 g3 HELP!! Criticle Xserver errors how do I get a Sid package on a Woody system? How do i join this list? Re: How to configure yaboot for initrd? How to configure yaboot for initrd? I need help... how to map apple key to ALT with xmodmap i cna't bleive tihs, you were rgiht Re: iBook 800Mhz G3 fan on a lot ibook koma ibook sleep and eject iBook vga resolution iBook, built in microphone and Gnomemeeting Re: iBookG4 pseudo-sleep / 2.6.3 problems If That's What It Takes belladonna Re: important improve cholesterol level initial XF86Config Re: Installation package - PowerPC sarge d-i tcl1 and upgrade to 2.6.7 smp kernel Re: Installing Debian on PPC Mac Installing sarge Installing Sarge on an oldworld S900 invalid ELF header ISO or Netinst? Its dangerous to my Powerbook G4 1Ghz 17" first generation run debian on it jasper / jiv working under powerpc? javaplugin mozilla Re: kernel selection: powerpc, power4 or power3? kernel source for PPC? rsync? kernel-image-2.6.6-powerpc and 2.6.7-powerpc oops on boot with G3 blue/white? kernel-image-2.6.7-powerpc faisl to install levitra is coming soon linneighborhood crashing Re: Loading therm_* modules in d-i on Macs Mail Delivery (failure [Anfrage: 040722-001900] migrating from newworld to oldworld mono packages mouseemu (was: Re: initial XF86Config) mplayer-1.0pre5 need help with debian in my iMac DV+ New Dual G5 1.8GHz New version of adm103x modules Newbie Installation problem on TiBook newbie XF86Config G4 867 Newbie: Help with Debian on an indigo clamshell ibook No 'startx' or 'xinit' command! No need to buy expensive soft - look here 847 no sound in B&W G3 nptl kernel/glibc OpenOffice Impress compatible remotes? Patch for releasing the caps-lock key under 2.6.7 pbbuttonsd new problems Re: pbbuttonsd new problems - Problem solved pbbuttonsd refuses to configure PBG4 Linux kernel 2.6.7 config Pismo External Display Playing DVDs on Debian PMU_IOC_SLEEP: Device or resource busy pmud & pbbuttonsd confilct in sarge-testing ? The last update was on 06:59 GMT Sun Aug 04. There are 705 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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