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Re: Booting installer on RS/6000 43p-140

On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 11:30:35AM +0100, Leigh Brown wrote:
> Sven Luther said:
> > On Tue, Jul 13, 2004 at 10:56:23AM +0100, Leigh Brown wrote:
> >> Since every single RS6000 "offical" ethernet card that I've ever seen
> >> uses pcnet32, I'd say its important to include it in the initrd.
> >
> > Ok, mmm, you mean the pcnet32 driver is not in the debian-installer net
> > drivers ?
> I'd guess so.
> > It is in the nic-extra-modules, which is not part of the initrd, we will
> > fix this, either move it to nic-modules or add the nic-extra-modules to
> > the initrd.
> I think the pcnet32 driver is important enough for RS6000 PPC to have in

Yep, will be in the next upload.

> nic-modules.  I'd be careful not to make the initrd too big (by adding
> nic-extra-modules) as some PRePs have difficulty with large boot

I have gone this route though for now. If it make the initrd grow to
much, we can always remove it again once the pcnet32 has moved to

> images.  I've seen conflicting reports about how big you can go, some
> say 4MB, some 8MB.  I've loaded quite large images on my 140 but I had
> to muck about with firmware settings to make them work.

I have similar problems here.

> > Thanks for testing. Could you try again tomorrow or later ?
> Sure, let me know when a image with pcnet32 in it is available.

Same as the one you used, should be in tomorrows daily build.

Again, thanks for testing.


Sven Luther

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