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Re: current power consumption

Am Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2004 19:58 schrieb Joerg Sommer:
> Hi,
> is it possible to get the current power consumtion from
> /proc/pmu/battery_0?
> $ cat /proc/pmu/battery_0
> flags      : 00000013
> charge     : 3789
> max_charge : 3930
> current    : 195
> voltage    : 12650
> time rem.  : 2603
> I've measured a power consumption of 24 Watt, but I don't know where to
> find this in values above. What are the units of the values above? Is
> charge and max_charge in Ah (Ampere hours) and voltage in mV? Why current
> is 0 if the battery is full? The laptop still consumes power.

The current is given in mA and voltage is given in mV. As I know charge has no 
unit. It is an battery dependent value and changes a lot over lifetime. 
Different batteries have different values. I don't think that it is the 

/proc/pmu/batter_x only show the current in and out of the battery so you can 
only calculate the power consumption in case of running on battery:
     power = current/1000 * voltage/1000 [Watt].

Don't forget to add /proc/pmu/battery_1 in case you use two batteries.

  Best Regards

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