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Re: G5 install?

Brad Boyer wrote:
> I found the crash. One of the partman scripts does a "modprobe floppy"
> without any way around it. Since all the legacy drivers that poke ISA
> addresses crash a G5, this module is instant death. I was able to get
> past this step by removing floppy.o (or floppy.ko with 2.6) before it
> got to this step.
> It seems bad to me for one of these scripts to be so sure that it can
> load a particular module, when the rest of the install is pretty
> careful to allow a user in expert mode to override module selection.
> Of course, loading a module shouldn't really crash the machine, but
> that's another story.

That's especially braindead, because probing for hardware is hw-detect's
job, not partman's. Fixed.

see shy jo

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