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Its dangerous to my Powerbook G4 1Ghz 17" first generation run debian on it

Hi folks,today i had an extrange expererience with my alubook, it was reboot suddenly without any reason. Then surfing the web i saw this from the yellowdoglinux homepage:

	"  - PowerBook 17"

While video, sound, ethernet, and the primary functions are enabled with a set of beta ISOs available from the mirrors, thermal management is _not_ enabled. Therefore, running YDL on the 17" MAY CAUSE PERMANENT DAMAGE and is therefore not recommended at this point in time. There is no slated schedule for support of thermal management.

	 As a result, we do not support the PowerBook 17"

Is there any possibility that may computer will be broken using debian GNU/Linux sid with kernel 2.6.7¿?. I am using debian in this laptop from time ago, but now i am a little scared (i have pain, sorry my english isn't very good :-), please anybody has any clue about that?, ben maybe?.

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