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Re: Debian + The new PowerBook G4


El dia Tue, 27 Jul 2004 18:30:25 +0100
"Matthew T. Atkinson" <matthew@agrip.org.uk> escribio:

> 'ello,
> I was advised to ask here after asking a similar set of questions on
> debian-users (didn't realise there was a dedicated group).  Anyway, I
> was thinking of getting the 1.5GHz 15'' model and have a few
> questions. I'd be really grateful for any information you may have on
> the following:
> * Does anyone know of any production issues this time around (as there
> were in the past, I hear)?  I've had a google but not found much. 
> Having said that I wouldn't really know where to look as I never had a
> Mac before :-).
> * What bits of the hardware does Debian _not_ support (e.g. ACPI,
> Wireless, Bluetooth, DVD-R, 3D graphics, sound)?

The airport extrem doesn't run. I use a PCCARD adapter (a 802.11b one,
because I'm not hable to compile the driver for an atheros chipset).

The sound runs on last kernels snapshots and the upcoming 2.6.8. 

No 3D and no suspended. ATI uses to give information under a non
disclosure agreement, so in some time it will be supported (or not).

The cpu sped control run's fine, but no supsend. You can retrieve
temperature info and the retroilumintaed keyboard can be turn on.

> * If I got a PS/2 -> USB adaptor for my Natural keyboard, is it likely
> to work with the machine?

I think it will do.
> * Have you any miscellaneous tips/advice for someone coming from an
> almost exclusive x86 background (using Sid/Sarge on the desktop and
> Woody on a server for the past 1.5 years)?

I buy a Aluminium PowerBook a mounth ago. 15,2", 1,33GHz. It runs quite
hot (compiling it can raise up to 55ºC with the fan on, on macosx much
more). It almost hurts if you put it on your legs. 

The battery last about 3h doing heavy work (the display brightnest is
the most consuming part). The weight it's ok (about 2,7kg). I have move
from one parto of the city to an other with it on an second skin and no

> Thanks very much in advance for any info you may have,
> best regards,
> -- 
> Matthew T. Atkinson <matthew@agrip.org.uk>
> -- 
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