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Re: Bootstrap partition with beta4 installer

On Thu, 08 Jul 2004 13:25:52 +1000
Brendan J Simon <BrendanSimon@fastmail.fm> wrote:

BJS> When finishing the partition stage, the installer gives me an error
BJS> that it cannot detect the bootstrap partition.
BJS> I have exited to a console and checked with mac-fdisk and the
BJS> bootstrap partition looks fine.  I have even tried using mac-fdisk
BJS> to create the bootstrap partition but the installer still
BJS> complains.  I have 1MB reserved for the bootstrap.  I've tried
BJS> partition sizes of 800KB, 820KB and 1MB with no luck.
BJS> How can I get the installer to recognise the bootstrap partition so
BJS> I can finish the installation ???

This seems to be a bug in beta4 -- I had the same problem a few weeks
ago. Try downloading a daily snapshot instead (the one I used (23/6/04)
still claimed I hadn't made a boot partition when I had, but when it got
to the bootloader install it found it).


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