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Re: pbbuttonsd new problems

Am Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2004 20:44 schrieb Michael Heldebrant:
> > Pbbuttonsd installs an message queue which it can't clean up if kicked
> > off with kill -9. Use 'ipcs' (as root) to check the message queue id and
> > after that remove it with 'ipcrm msg <msgid>'. After that procedure
> > pbbuttonsd will start again without reboot.
> Would it be possible to have this added to the /etc/init.d/pbbuttonsd
> script within the force-reload option?  Looks like if the old
> /var/run/pbbuttonsd.pid file is there the pid of the message que should
> be easy to get.  My quick and dirty 5 second hack was:

This seems a goog idea for me. I will see what we can do with this.

> pbbuttonsd became unstable after upgrading the unstable debian package
> and then trying to blank screen "sleep" the computer by pressing the
> power button on AC.  It never made it to launching all of the
> appropriate scripts.

What do you mean with "It never made it"? Don't you use scripts at all or 
doesn't pbbuttonsd execute all scripts sucessfully?

In case of the second: Pbbuttonsd will terminate a script if it lasts too 
long. The timeout time could be set in the configuration file. This is a 
security feature so that no single script could block pbbuttonsd. Maybee a 
short timeout value is the cause of some of your problems.

I used kernel 2.6.7 and pbbuttonsd 0.6.2 now for a couple of days on a G3 
Pismo without any problems.

  Best Regards

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