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Re: ibook sleep and eject

According to Paul William, on Sat, 03 Jul 2004 23:04:04 +1200, 
>Hi all,
>Is it possible to sleep an ibook (1ghz G4, bought new a few weeks ago)?
> I am running testing and a 2.6.7 kernel as well as pbuttonsd.
>I also cannot eject cds. I get this error when I press the correct key 
>combo (fn-f12) or use the eject command:
>ide_do_rw_disk - bad command: dev hda: flags = REQ_RW REQ_NOMERGE 
>sector 6782129, nr/cnr 16/8
>bio 00000000, biotail 00000000, buffer 00000000, data 00000000, len 0

Just a stab in the dark, but I guess your cdrom drive is hdb, not hda.
pbbuttond is actually trying to eject your hard disk ! 
Try "eject /dev/hdb" on a console (you may have to apt-get install



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