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Re: pbbuttonsd new problems

On Sat, 2004-07-10 at 12:37, Matthias Grimm wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2004 20:44 schrieb Michael Heldebrant:
> > > Pbbuttonsd installs an message queue which it can't clean up if kicked
> > > off with kill -9. Use 'ipcs' (as root) to check the message queue id and
> > > after that remove it with 'ipcrm msg <msgid>'. After that procedure
> > > pbbuttonsd will start again without reboot.
> >
> > Would it be possible to have this added to the /etc/init.d/pbbuttonsd
> > script within the force-reload option?  Looks like if the old
> > /var/run/pbbuttonsd.pid file is there the pid of the message que should
> > be easy to get.  My quick and dirty 5 second hack was:
> This seems a goog idea for me. I will see what we can do with this.
> > pbbuttonsd became unstable after upgrading the unstable debian package
> > and then trying to blank screen "sleep" the computer by pressing the
> > power button on AC.  It never made it to launching all of the
> > appropriate scripts.
> What do you mean with "It never made it"? Don't you use scripts at all or 
> doesn't pbbuttonsd execute all scripts sucessfully?

I'm not quite sure actually.  The syslog never stated that it finished
the scripts (as it has before) and the machine wouldn't listen to button
presses or lid close events.  Had to kill pbbuttonsd with a kill -9, it
was unresponsive to a regular kill.  I rebooted and the problem went
away.  If I'd known about the msg que thing I probably wouldn't have
needed the reboot.

> In case of the second: Pbbuttonsd will terminate a script if it lasts too 
> long. The timeout time could be set in the configuration file. This is a 
> security feature so that no single script could block pbbuttonsd. Maybee a 
> short timeout value is the cause of some of your problems.

All my personal scripts finish very quickly.  I never found out what it

> I used kernel 2.6.7 and pbbuttonsd 0.6.2 now for a couple of days on a G3 
> Pismo without any problems.
>   Best Regards
>      Matthias

It works great now.  I have no complaints or bugs.


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