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Re: pmud & pbbuttonsd confilct in sarge-testing ?

> > what is the name of that applet/tool ?
> gpmudmon-applet - GNOME battery applet for PMU
> > because the standard gnome-battery applet as well as battfink work fine
> > with apm emulation.
> Ah, didn't know, will have to test that.

gpmudmon-applet dates back to when apm emulation wasn't in the kernel.
With Xfree86 needing apm emulation, you can pretty much count on apm
emulation being present in Powermac kernels, so any other applet should in
fact do. If you find gpmudmon-applet provides some feature not found in
other applets, it may be possible to make gpmudmon-applet work with
pbbuttonsd as well.


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