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Re: Debian support for the lastest Powerbook 12" (1,33Ghz)

Le vendredi 07/02/04 Djoumé SALVETTI <salvetti@crans.org> a écrit :
> > Do you have sysfs enabled ? See in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/
> > 
> > Besides, You need install a program that controls CPU speed / frequency 
> > using 2.6 interface, such as powernowd, cpudyn, cpufreqd. I'm using powernowd 
> > and it works fine. Current freq can be viewed with cat /proc/cpuinfo or
> > cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq.
> Yes, sysfs is mount on /sys but the directory is empty.

(here I talk about the /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0 that is empty)


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