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ibook koma

Hello list,

i was working on battery yesterday and i guess it was quite empty when i
put my ibook g3 900 to sleep.

this morning i wanted to wake it up again but it didn't, since i didn't
think that battery could be critically low, i thought it was again some
issue with pbbuttons. So i tried to turn it off. But pressing power
button for several seconds didn't have any result. and i had to take out
the battery in order to turn it off. When i wasn't able to turn it on
again i finally realised that the battery might be critically low.

i'm not sure if its a bug or a feature, since ibook was correctly set to
sleep through low battery and reconnecting ac would have solved the
problem. still i thought that powerbutton was "hardwired" and i got
quite scared when i had to find that there is actually states that
disable this "hardwire". 

so if it's not a bug, i think it's worth to post for other people not
getting scared like me =)

ffpx float 

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