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Re: pmud & pbbuttonsd confilct in sarge-testing ?

> > If you install pbbuttonsd you obviously want to use it, including power
> > management and all. If you only want to have the events daemon
> > functionality, and keep powermanagement separate, write your own
> > 'buttonsd.
> I did it already. It's called pbbuttonsd ;-)

You obviously chose to misunderstand me :-) What I mean is pbbuttonsd with
the powermanagement related guts ripped out, essentially. Your package
merges powermanagement and other, unrelated event handling. Next, we'll
have emacs all wrapped into pbbuttonsd ...

> > pbbuttonsd and pmud both do powermanagement, and you should not have them
> > both installed on your system. That's what 'conflicts' is meant to handle
> > here. I'm not offended if people chose pbbuttonsd over pmud, on the
> > contrary. Pick the tool that best suits your needs. I know that I've been
> > dragging my feet on the big unification of power scripts, but it's been
> > due to time constraints, not on principle :-)
> I fully agree with you. In fact that's what I wanted to say. Use pbbuttonsd
> and get rid of pmud. Thanks for making this clear.

Not at all :-) Choice is good - either use pbbuttonsd (if you need the
event handling stuff), or use pmud (if you only want power management).

BTW, the 'event handling with no power management' would be nice for
desktop machines that can't use power management - does compatibility mode
fully disable powermanagement in pbbuttonsd, or do you check for pmud
running and take over power management anyway if no pmud is found?


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