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dead keys ibook g3 (old) console


Debian testing, kernel (self compiled) 2.6.6

I do not seem to get support for dead_keys in my ibook. None (tried them
all ) in the keymaps in /usr/share/keymaps work for those dead keys. My
locale is en_US.ISO-8859-15. 

the keyboard is American English.

I try to modify my /etc/console/boottime.kmap.gz but apparently I do
something wrong :(

Funny things:

1) when I try showkey -m and press the key with the apostrophe and
double quote on it, it tells me that its keycode is 39. However, if I
take a look in /etc/console/boottime.kmag.gz, 

keycode  39 = semicolon        colon
        alt     keycode  39 = Meta_semicolon
        shift   alt     keycode  39 = Meta_colon

this is what I see, keycode 39 is associated to the key next to it on
the kbd, and the values for keycode 40:

keycode  40 = apostrophe       quotedbl
        control keycode  40 = Control_g
        alt     keycode  40 = Meta_apostrophe
        shift   alt     keycode  40 = Meta_quotedbl

are the good ones. :?

So I try swapping those values, right? Wrong! I cannot use the kbd if I
do, all the keymaps are wrong then. 

I have read the man pages of loadkeys, showkey, dumpkeys, ..., but I am
at a loss. Perhaps can you help?



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