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Re: Eclipse on Debian GNU/Linux PPC

AFAIK it's broken for a few weeks now. The last version which i got thru
apt-get is 2.1.1 - anyone know about 3.0 status?

BTW is anybody running it with ikvm on ppc? Should be a bit faster
thanks to the JIT ...


Am Don, den 08.07.2004 schrieb Ivo Marino um 19:25:
> Hello folks,
> I have just tried sudo apt-get install eclipse-platform on my sid iBook
> and got this broken dependency: libswt2.1-gtk2-jni.
> Someone has successfully installed eclipse on Debian PPC and can give me
> some hints on how to cleanly apt-get this package plus dependencies?
> Thanks for feedback,
>  I.

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