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Re: pbbuttonsd new problems

Am Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2004 19:23 schrieb Matthias Grimm:
> It seems that the new problems occour in conjunction with kernel 2.6.7.
> Most of you use it. I never saw those problems with kernel 2.4, so I have
> to install kernel 2.6.7 and have a closer look.

There is some news about the sleep problem. I recently installed kernel 2.6.7 
and looked for pbbuttonsd failures. In the beginning It runs perfectly but 
from time to time I got the same strange behaviour already described in this 

I don't know the error mechanism yet but I can tell you the following so far. 
Pbbuttonsd lauches the pmcs-script to prepare sleep mode. The script seems to 
work as expected but pbbuttonsd doesn't recognize that the script has 
finished. The script process remains as zombie and pbbuttonsd hangs in 
launch_program() (libpbbipc/pbb_misc.c). There is a timeout routine to 
prevent any blocking here but it seems not always to work with kernel 2.6.7. 
I don't know why yet.

I hope I have some better news soon.

  Best Regards

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