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Re: External monitor on iBook rev 2.2

According to Jaume Sabater, on Sun, 04 Jul 2004 19:29:49 +0200, 
>Hi everyone!
>I have an iBook rev 2.2 (G3 800 MHz Radeon Mobility 7500 - M7 LW). I
>just wanted to try the interface to external monitor, so I plugged in
>the adaptor and then a cable to my TFT 18" LG monitor.
>It tried to display something, which was clearly some sort of hollow of
>what was displayed in the built-in screen, but I was not able to make
>it display a clear screen. I tried both in framebuffer console and in X
>environment with same results.
>Did I forget something?
>P.S. The same behaviour happens if I shut the computer down and switch
>it on again.
This has been discussed quite often here. 

You'll find data file and example on :

I'll try to do a short summary:
With default X server, you can manage this with a two headed
setup, either in xinerama or in two display mode. In both case, with
use fbdev, the behavior of the external output is undefined. So the idea
is to defined two cards, one with fbdev and one without. If you want to
clone your display, you will need to ask xinerama to superpose two
display. In any case, you will loose DRI on both heads.

If you want dri, there exists a hack based on a patch of the radeon
driver. You'll find details on the above address.

At least I can say it works : I used it with openoffice in a conference
last week !


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