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Re: iBookG4 pseudo-sleep / 2.6.3 problems

Am Dienstag, 13. Juli 2004 22:40 schrieb Reiner Klenk:
> I saw this too on my new powerbook and I am sure I had selected to just
> blank the screen as "sleep action". I would close the lid and the
> powerbook would shut off the illumination as configured. If I opened the
> lid after a few minutes everything was OK, but if the lid stayed closed
> for a longer period the laptop shut down power completely (when running
> on battery). I would then reboot the machine and, of course, get all the
> messages about the filesystem not being clean.
> There must be an additional event on these recent powerbooks that is not
> catched by the kernel (2.6.7-bk9) and which occurs some time after the
> lid has been closed. I ran a 'tail -f /var/log/messages' from my desktop
> via ssh to the powerbook but there wasn't anything in the log when the
> laptop powered off. Actually that was one of the reasons why I asked for
> suspend-to-disk support because now I can close the lid and suspend
> before the laptop powers off all by itself.

After reading this I think you are right. I recommend to forward this mail to 
linuxppc-dev mailinglist and send a copy directly to Ben Herrenschmidt. He 
should know about this if not already happen.

 Best Regards

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