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Re: Playing DVDs on Debian

On 07 de jul de 2004, at 16:49, Adam wrote:

 This is my output..... I also have dri enabled for the x server

 $ glxinfo
 name of display: :2.0
 display: :2  screen: 0
 direct rendering: No

This says that DRI is not working with your card. BTW, to see some amusement, see the frame rates reported by glxgears.

If you don't have enough RAM in your video card, then you might try using a lower bit-depth for using DRI (say, like 16 bits per pixel), since enabling DRI would also enable DMA for the video (if I recall correctly), which would possibly offload a bit more of the tasks from the processor.

I don't know if the previous information is relevant to cards other than the Rage 128 which my notebook has or if it is appliable to other ATI cards also. Yours is an ATI card, right?

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