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Re: 2.4 & 2.6 kernels, should sarge be 2.6 only at least for powerpc ?

> So, i am seriously considering dropping all 2.4 powerpc kernels, and
> going with 2.6 only, and would like to get feedback both from
> debian-kernel as well as debian-powerpc, feedback i didn't get in the
> past.

I'd be in favour of that.

> Ah, and i am seriously considering dropping support for apus from the
> kernels (and thus debian-installer). I believe that they are only a
> handfull of apus users left, and those are happily running self built
> 2.2 kernels. Furthermore, i have some evidence that not only where the
> debian apus kernels never tried on apus, but also that there is big
> chance they don't even work. I don't have apus hardware anymore, so ...

If you want my 2cent:  If we don't have someone who actively tests a
subarchitecture and provides feedback consider a (sub-) architecture

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