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Re: pbbuttonsd new problems - Problem solved

On Fri, 2004-07-16 at 11:46, Matthias Grimm wrote:
> Am Mittwoch, 14. Juli 2004 20:12 schrieb Matthias Grimm:
> In the last time a lot of error reports arrived that pbbuttonsd would crash 
> from time to time on new 2.6 kernels. The phenomenon occoured after
> triggering sleep. In some cases the machine continue to work and pbbuttonsd 
> didn't react at all. It hanged.
> This problem was difficult to track because the phenomenon was not 
> deterministic and could only be reproduced by chance.
> But now I got it. To my regret it is a bug in pbbuttonsd. :-(
> The problem occour in conjunction with ALSA and is not limited to kernel 2.6.
> Since Kernel 2.6 ALSA is official part of the kernel and many people uses 
> kernel 2.6 together with ALSA (so am I) so the problem occours more often on 
> this platform.
> As quick sollution I attached a patch for pbbuttonsd 0.6.2 to this mail. Unzip 
> it to your pbbuttonsd 0.6.2 source directory, change to this direchtory and 
> type:
>                         patch -p1 <pbbuttonsd-0.6.2_1.patch
> After compiling and installing the problem should not occour again. An 
> official release will follow after some additional test time. Look for it on 
> sourceforge.net because my web site is currently off-line until I moved it to 
> a new home, sorry. My web host has quited.

Is this fixed with the pbbuttonsd-0.6.3a/ source?  Or should we stick
with the version to fix this issue?

> Due to an error in the ossmixer module the mixer device could remain open 
> after first use (usually changing the volume with hotkeys). Normally 
> pbbuttonsd opens the mixer device only as long as it would be needed. After a 
> sleep request pbbuttonsd started the pmcs script and this script 
> launched /etc/apm/alsa on systems using ALSA. This script sent a uncatchable 
> stop signal to all processes that uses a sound device. If the mixer device 
> was still open the script /etc/apm/alsa would stop pbbuttonsd. The script 
> ends normally but the daemon hangs. Sleep mode would not be triggered 
> anymore. The problem was so difficuil to hunt down because certain conditions 
> must come together. First pbbuttonsd had to run as daemon, Alsa including the 
> script /etc/apm/alsa had to be installed on the system, the pmcs-script 
> 'apm-compat' had to be active and the volume had to be adjusted with the 
> hotkeys. If all this conditions come true and sleep was triggered (with key, 
> cover or timer) pbbuttonsd would crash and the machine wouldn't go to sleep.
> That was a lot of explanations and I will finish now. Have a nice weekend, I 
> will :-)
>   Best Regards
>     Matthias

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