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Re: PMU_IOC_SLEEP: Device or resource busy

> > Seems like the kernel never fully recovered from the
> > first sleep. Does
> > switching to a 2.4 kernel, or perhaps another 2.6
> >kernel, improve things?
> Yeah, that's what I figured too... switching to 2.4
> does help. What I don't understand though is how or
> why it stopped working. It was working fine using my
> 2.6 kernel for sometime.

Meaning with the very same 2.6 kernel and no changes (modules loaded,
sound started working in the meantime and is getting used now, ...)?
That's confusing indeed...

> Not to worry, I'll find a way around this problem.
> Thanks again.

That's not the point - it is supposed to work, and I need to find out
what's wrong ... Thanks for any info you can give on this problem.


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