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G5 install?

I'm not used to having to ask this sort of question, but has anyone
actually been able to finish an install with d-i on a G5? I just
got a dual 2.0 G5 (the original model, not the new one) and I can't
get the installer to work. I've tried beta4, tc1, and a daily
sid_d-i for 7/4. They all fail in more or less the same place. The
2.6 kernels don't even boot, with failures in different places.
Older 2.6 installs fail with the serial driver problem, and while
the more recent ones get past that, they fail right after a message
about AT keyboard support.

The 2.4 kernels get me farther along in the process, but they still
break. After I try to partition my drive, it formats all the
partitions that need it, checks the swap, and then locks up completely.
If I run a shell, I can change the partition using mac-fdisk, and
format and mount disks without crashes, but I'm don't know what the
installer is actually doing. I can't seem to get any debugging output.
Has anyone else seen this, and is there any way around it? I really
appreciate any help on this.

	Brad Boyer

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