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Installing Sarge on an oldworld S900

     Hi, I've had a lot of trouble getting Linux off the ground.  I am
running an Umax S900 (oldworld mac clone).  I was able to get woody loaded
and working but not able to get my graphics card (an imicro TwinTurbo) to
work with xwindows and because I'm a Linux newbie I need my xwindows.  I
have been told that the newer kernel that Sarge has will allow xwindows to
work fine but then I have run into another road block.  I am unable to get
the sarge installer to load from bootx.  When I click on the linux option at
the bootx window the screen goes black and never comes back (the little
light at the bottom of the monitor doesn't change so I know some thing is
running but I am unable to see it).  Can anyone point me in the right
direction as to which initrid to be using to get this started?  Or is there
something else wrong?




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