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Re: external monitor on 15" titanium

On Fri, Jul 02, 2004 at 01:03:54PM +0200, Ivo Marino wrote:
> I use my iBook2 as my office workstation: USB Mouse, Keyboard and
> external VGA monitor. Setting this up was quite easy.
> In order to use the ext. VGA monitor I just need to reboot my iBook
> with the VGA cable plugged in and the iBook closed (iBook monitor
> closed) and no pmud running for standby reasons.
> Some pics of this kind of configuration are available here:
> http://winetea.mine.nu/~eim/gallery/office_workstation/
When I tried this with my dvi monitor I originally got nothing on the
screen after the yaboot prompt.  I finally added
'append="video=ofonly"' to my yaboot.conf file, and then I got text on
the screen when linux was starting up, and I could even login and do
stuff.  But when I tried to startx (using the XF86Config-4 file you
sent me), the screen went blank, the powerbook screen powered up and
froze.  At that point I could do nothing except powerdown the machine.  

I then hooked up a vga monitor with an adaptor, and stuff showed up
with X (it would still take a lot of work to get the resoluton right).
My laptop screen didn't dim with the lid closed, but I'm sure that can
be fixed at some point.

So I'm thinking it simply won't work with div output, which seems odd.


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