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Re: pmud & pbbuttonsd confilct in sarge-testing ?

Am Sonntag, 4. Juli 2004 06:23 schrieb Sean Schertell:
> I think pbuttonsd obsoletes pmud -- because it also provides power mgmt
> including sleep/wake, etc.

Thats correct.

In fact if pbbuttonsd is forced to work in cooperative mode (which is still 
possible but not recommended) pbbuttonsd take only limited control over the 
powermanagement functions because pmud doesn't care about other programs 
which may do a better job. In this case pbbuttonsd step back to keep systems 
stability. A lot of nice functions have to disabled by pbbuttonsd because 
pmud beside others claims the cover control and power emergency control.

Pbbuttonsd in the meantime does all pmud do and a lot more so please don't 
cripple pbbuttonsd functionallity by forcing it into cooperative mode with 

 Best Regards

> There's another little gui program you'll want to download to simplify
> setting up your power mgmt prefs with pbbuttonsd but I can't remember what
> it's called.


 Best Regards

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