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Bootstrap partition with beta4 installer


I've been trying to install Debian testing onto a Dual G4 PowerMac. I have downloaded the beta4 installer and burnt it on a CD. I am having problems booting from the CD (or a DVD version I purchased) but I will leave this issue for another thread.

I have placed the install images, kernel, etc on a small MacOS partition and then used Open Firmware to boot the installer. So far so good. I repartition the second MacOS partition to create a newworld bootstrap partition, a 1 GB swap space and a 47GB root filesystem. So far so good.

When finishing the partition stage, the installer gives me an error that it cannot detect the bootstrap partition. I have exited to a console and checked with mac-fdisk and the bootstrap partition looks fine. I have even tried using mac-fdisk to create the bootstrap partition but the installer still complains. I have 1MB reserved for the bootstrap. I've tried partition sizes of 800KB, 820KB and 1MB with no luck.

How can I get the installer to recognise the bootstrap partition so I can finish the installation ???

I have the basic root filesystem installed so I thought about trying to boot into that directly but so far I haven't had any success. The kernel says it can't find the rootfs and panics.

Any help muchly appreciated.
Brendan Simon.

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