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Re: HELP!! Criticle Xserver errors

hallo adam...

* Adam Done <mlist@donestudios.com> [2004-07-22 08:59 +0200]:

> The only thing now is with the 2.4 kernels to install a
> module durring bootup I would put
> alias apgpart
> in the /etc/modules file and modprobe inserts it to the kernel.  Now
> with 2.6 I tried to make a file in /etc/modprobe.d char wiht the alias
> apgpart and I get errors when I boot.  I am at loss to how to install
> modules I want when booting up. Everything I have read has shown how to
> migrate/compile a 2.6 kernel but I am not understand how the 2.6 kernl
> works from the 2.4.

hm, i did not know that "alias <modulename>" ever worked in
/etc/modules. just putting the name of the module in a single line
should do the job∴

cat /etc/modules


# /etc/modules: kernel modules to load at boot time.
# This file should contain the names of kernel modules that are
# to be loaded at boot time, one per line.  Comments begin with
# a "#", and everything on the line after them are ignored.



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