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Re: pbbuttonsd new problems

On Wed, Jul 07, 2004 at 09:52:31AM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 06, 2004 at 10:36:39PM +0200, Matthias Grimm wrote:
> > > The new pbbuttonsd has a weird behavior and crashes from time to time on
> > > my iBook G3 900. If I enable "cover sleep on AC" and close the lid, the
> > > computer does not go to sleep and pbbuttonsd no longer responds. It
> > > works fine if I push the power button.
> I'm experiencing the same behaviour, but I haven't yet managed to
> discover the parameters which make the behaviour deterministically
> reproducible.

I'm experiencing at least very similar behaviour, pbbuttonsd breaks at
some point and is not in anywhay except reboot restartable

I could track down maybe at least one problem:

I'm experiencing problems with alsa, the init script[s]
'/etc/init.d/alsa' and '/etc/init.d/alsasound' don't work anymore, don't
know why, but i can enable sound by loading modules manually, i guess
telling from some experiments with closing the lid after every step i do
and check if sleep still works, pbbuttonsd doesn't break  after modprobing
snd-powermac, snd-pcm, but after doing alsactl restore.


/var/log/daemon.log gives me:

Jul  7 09:26:55 localhost pbbuttonsd: ERROR: Can't open mixer device
[/dev/mixer]. No message of desired type

> > Which version do you mean with 'new pbbuttonsd'? Which kernel version do you 
> > use? Have you updated your kernel recently? From which version?
> For me: pbbuttonsd 0.6.2, kernel 2.6.7 (updated from 2.6.5).


pbbuttonsd:     0.6.2-1
kernel:		2.6.7-powerpc

> BTW the most annoying fact about this pbbuttonsd is that when pbbuttonsd
> crashes there's no way to get it up and running again without rebooting
> the machine. "/etc/init.d/pbbuttonsd stop" doesn't work and after
> manually -9-killing pbbuttonsd there's no way to start it again since it
> complaints that another daemong is running even it that's not the case,
> are there any hiddent pid/lock files I'm not aware of?
> Another detail, which may be helpful, is that sometimes while shutting
> down the machine after the pbbuttonsd crash while trying to put the
> machine to sleep, the laptop enter the sleep just before the kernel
> "power down" message. Then when I wake up the laptop the shutdown
> procedure completes actually switching off the machine.

exactly the same behaviour here

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