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Re: "Debian Within a Darwin System"

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"Michael" <t3tx90j02@sneakemail.com> writes:

> On the Debian GNU/Linux PowerPC PowerMac Page (http://www.debian.org/ports/powerpc/inst/pmac) the second paragraph closes by mentioning that "Shortly, you may also have the option of running Debian within a Darwin system."  What exactly does that statement mean, and when is shortly?  Thank you for your help.  

I believe that means there are several ongoing efforts within Debian
to port Debian GNU to other kernels.  I know of the kNetBSD and
kFreeBSD ports as well as the HURD port.  I was not aware of a Darwin
port but I would assume that it would be very similar in user space to
the kFreeBSD port.  But that is very cool that they are putting
something together like that.  Does anyone know who exactly is working
on this or if any one is? 

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