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Re: pmud & pbbuttonsd confilct in sarge-testing ?

Am Montag, 5. Juli 2004 11:34 schrieb Michael Schmitz:
> > In fact if pbbuttonsd is forced to work in cooperative mode (which is
> > still possible but not recommended) pbbuttonsd take only limited control
> > over the powermanagement functions because pmud doesn't care about other
> > programs which may do a better job. In this case pbbuttonsd step back to
> > keep systems stability. A lot of nice functions have to disabled by
> > pbbuttonsd because pmud beside others claims the cover control and power
> > emergency control.
> That is, in fact, pmud's sole function - power management, nothing else,
> in the old UNIX 'keep it simple, stupid' tradition.
> What should pmud do with pbbuttonsd already running - not start at all, or
> start but sit idle? Force pbbuttonsd into cooperative mode?
> If you install pbbuttonsd you obviously want to use it, including power
> management and all. If you only want to have the events daemon
> functionality, and keep powermanagement separate, write your own
> 'buttonsd.

I did it already. It's called pbbuttonsd ;-)

> pbbuttonsd and pmud both do powermanagement, and you should not have them
> both installed on your system. That's what 'conflicts' is meant to handle
> here. I'm not offended if people chose pbbuttonsd over pmud, on the
> contrary. Pick the tool that best suits your needs. I know that I've been
> dragging my feet on the big unification of power scripts, but it's been
> due to time constraints, not on principle :-)

I fully agree with you. In fact that's what I wanted to say. Use pbbuttonsd 
and get rid of pmud. Thanks for making this clear.

 Best Regards

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