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Re: pmud & pbbuttonsd confilct in sarge-testing ?

> In fact if pbbuttonsd is forced to work in cooperative mode (which is still
> possible but not recommended) pbbuttonsd take only limited control over the
> powermanagement functions because pmud doesn't care about other programs
> which may do a better job. In this case pbbuttonsd step back to keep systems
> stability. A lot of nice functions have to disabled by pbbuttonsd because
> pmud beside others claims the cover control and power emergency control.

That is, in fact, pmud's sole function - power management, nothing else,
in the old UNIX 'keep it simple, stupid' tradition.
What should pmud do with pbbuttonsd already running - not start at all, or
start but sit idle? Force pbbuttonsd into cooperative mode?
If you install pbbuttonsd you obviously want to use it, including power
management and all. If you only want to have the events daemon
functionality, and keep powermanagement separate, write your own

pbbuttonsd and pmud both do powermanagement, and you should not have them
both installed on your system. That's what 'conflicts' is meant to handle
here. I'm not offended if people chose pbbuttonsd over pmud, on the
contrary. Pick the tool that best suits your needs. I know that I've been
dragging my feet on the big unification of power scripts, but it's been
due to time constraints, not on principle :-)


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