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adm103x module and 2.6.8

Hi all,

I've just seen that from kernel 2.6.8, lm-sensors modules will be
supporting adm1030 and adm1031 thermal control chip. 

As it does not make sense to have two competing modules for the same
piece of hardware, I strongly advise people to test and use these
modules to control the the chip on their ibook2.2, rather than using my
therm_adm103x module. It will be better maintained and they'll find a
lot more softs to access/display/control the chip in kde,
windowmaker, gnome....

By pride, I'll still maintain, update and use my module but I see no
point in trying any longer to have it included in the official kernel.
People who still want to use it can continue to find it at 

Just a final note on my feelings about this experiment in kernel
development: I've been really disappointed by the fact that I've never
get just answers to my mails proposing the patch. I would have
preferred an argumented refusal. 
I thought the linux community would be more friendly.


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