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Re: Booting installer on RS/6000 43p-140

On Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 01:29:11PM -0300, Fagner Goncalves wrote:
> 	Hi Helge,
> 	I use another choice to install debian on my 43p-140.
> 	See : http://krichard.web.elte.hu/43p-140/

Oh, damnit, another one using an external method instead of contributing
to making the debian installer have good prep support. 

All those of you with PReP machines, i would really much like you to try
out the debian installer, and provide feedback if it doesn'y work, and
test the 2.6.7 kernel on it, which just got prep support thanks to

> 	It's very easy.
> 	Basically you need to create the boot and root floppy, get the
> openfirmware prompt and then 'boot floppy'. The ramdisk debian install
> will be started.

Ah, another reason for getting the powerpc kernel to fit on a floppy. It
is 100K or so too big for that right now.

Altough netbooting should be ok.


Sven Luther

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