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Re: Debian support for the lastest Powerbook 12" (1,33Ghz)

> > 
> > So I supposed it's the MacRISC3 compatibilty mode that must be used in
> > cpufreq code, but it doesn't seems to work with my CPU...
> > 
> > 
> Maybe. Can anybody confirm wheather PowerBook6,4 is supported
> by cpufreq ?

I've just found this note from the ChangeLog of the latest snapshot for
the stable Linux kernel tree (2.6.7-bk16): 

ChangeSet@1.1757.24.7, 2004-06-22 19:51:52-07:00, benh@kernel.crashing.org
  [PATCH] ppc32: Support for new Apple laptop models
  This adds support for newer Apple laptop models.  It adds the basic
  identification for the new motherboards and the cpufreq support for
  models using the new 7447A CPU from Motorola.

So, it seems Ben has been working on your problem :-)

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