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Re: pbbuttonsd new problems

Matthias Grimm wrote:
Am Dienstag, 6. Juli 2004 19:56 schrieb Lucas Moulin:

The new pbbuttonsd has a weird behavior and crashes from time to time on
my iBook G3 900. If I enable "cover sleep on AC" and close the lid, the
computer does not go to sleep and pbbuttonsd no longer responds. It
works fine if I push the power button.

Which version do you mean with 'new pbbuttonsd'? Which kernel version do you use? Have you updated your kernel recently? From which version?

(I know I should have given more details in the first place :)

"New" pbbuttonsd means the latest version in Sid, i.e. 0.6.2-1. My kernel is 2.6.7 (custom built) and I didn't change it in a while.

What does your computer do when not going to sleep? Work it further on?
How have you checked that pbbuttonsd doesn't respond anymore? What does the logfile say?

The screen is still on, but pbbuttonsd crashes (can't use the special keys anymore), and gnome-panel seems to have problems too (can't change the volume anymore).

Also, when I change the backlight value from 0 to 1, I first get a
"burned" screen for half a second before I get my desktop fine.

What do you mean with 'burned'? full brightness?

I mean, a weird image like visual effects when you play a song in totem :) I once saw this "burnt" screen when I misconfigured X a long time ago.

I tried reinstalling 0.5.9 to make sure. The first problem disappears,
but the second one is still there.

Again, sleep goes back to the normal behavior with this previous version.

Well, maybe it's an X issue concerning the second one. But the first one is new, that's for sure. What log files could I check to help you ?


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