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Re: AmigaONE && Debian (unstable?)

Quoting Ken Moffat <ken@kenmoffat.uklinux.net>:

> might be because you don't have ide=nodma in the bootargs.  That way
> lies pain and an eventual reinstall.

We suspect a faulty memory. I'll try your solution, and we'll see...

Update: Nope, 'ida=nodma' didn't do any difference. I'll have to wait for
        the new memory until I can proceed.

> No kidding, was it only 1.8MB ? it felt more.

Sorry, it WAS more. Should have been 3.0Mb! That's including the CVS
directories and all the CVS key words which (it seemed) was quite easy
to filter out. Applying a bit of filtering, I ended up with 762Kb. Much
better :)

> Yes, I did look through it and I've extracted the real changes and put
> them at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/zarniwhoop.

I've put mine in 'digestable' chunks at http://www.bayour.com/AmigaONE/.

There's a number of stuff that I'm not sure about...

* linux-2.4.22_full.patch.txt
  This is a raw diff between upstream and the CVS version.

* linux-2.4.22_semi.patch.txt
  This is the un-digastable patch (special params to diff to filter out
  MOST of the CVS stuff though).

* syskonnect.patch.txt
* ieee1394.patch.txt
  These seems to be totaly unrelated to the AmigaONE. Don't know where
  it comes from, but I guess from the 'bleeding edge upstream 2.4'...
* powerpc.patch.txt
  Most of this is also availible in the 'kernel-patch-2.4.25-powerpc'
  Debian GNU/Linux source package (which I thought I'd add the AmigaONE
  patch(es) to).

  Not all of it is rejected (after adding the Debian GNU/Linux PPC patch)
  though! Maybe that's the 'bleeding edge PowerPC patch'?

* strange.patch.txt
  This file is stuff that I found ... 'strange'. They look like spelling
  errors etc, but I don't know for sure (yet - have to look closer)...

* amigaone-2.4.22.patch.txt
  This seems to be ALL that's AmigaONE related. It applies _almost_ clean
  to the linux-2.4.25 tree (which is the kernel that's used in the source
  package mentioned above).

  Trying to apply this on 2.4.25 shows that I've done something wrong when
  I 'digested' the patch. I've corrected this below...

* amigaone-2.4.25.patch.txt
  This is the AmigaONE patch modified slightly for 2.4.25... It's ONLY the
  AmigaONE relevant part.
  The 'linux-2.4.25.PowerPC/' directory I'm comparing against is the
  original/upstream 2.4.25 kernel tree with the PowerPC patch found in the
  2.4.25 ppc kernel package, NOTHING else...

The only one I'm really interested in and which will end up in the source
package mentionend above is the last one. The others could 'be nice', but
they are not relevant for this task...

>  Seem to work mostly ok with
> 2.4.25 and later (read the docs, most people who have commented get
> adequate results with the work-around for disk dma.  Not perfect by any
> means, but it's a start).  You'll need mkimage from u-boot to build the
> uImage.  But, you'll need to use an older kernel to install the system
> before you can do this.

I've packaged part of uboot (1.0.0) - the mkimage binary. The rest seemed
irrelevant at this time.

The 'linux-kernel-di-powerpc' package from the 'debian installer' will
depend on this (and the 'kernel-{image,modules}-2.4.25-amigaone' packages
which will in turn be built using the source kernel package above) to make
the installer aware of AmigaONE.

Everything here is already done localy. I just have get my AmigaONE installed
so I can start building packages for the PPC :)
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