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Re: "etext" section? Re: Packaging a *LARGE* dictionary Re: fakeroot a solution for multi-architecture building? file-rc status after conflict with sysvinit? For Johnie Ingram (can't get through directly) * Formal call for the removal of Bruce Perens * Re: * Formal call for the removal of Dave Cinege * * Formal call for the retention of Bruce Perens * Re: Forwarded: RFC: New source packaging format Forwarding addresses...was (Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright) "free" command stuffed Free Unix OS's on x86 Frequent "unaligned access", an init that dies, ... Future of Unix - comments please (fwd) Make Debian cdrom (fwd) Re: Huh? Help (Re: Bug#13626: xmorph: YAFHardCodedi386) gimp giving a few packages away... GNOME [gnu.misc.discuss,] Re: GNU software Year 2000 Ready? GPL vs. Motif (was: MaintainerDatabase Copyright) Re: Great news for Debian! Hamm CDs (was Re: ZGV 2.7) hamm login error message The Hardware Book Help! Boot script doesn't run Re: Help! Boot script doesn't run SOLVED! Hi from Scandinavia! Hotteset Computer Hardware Deals On The Planet! How to build glibc? HR695 Huh? Help (Re: Bug#13626: xmorph: YAFHardCodedi386) I2O? I'm feeling daft today. Re: IMPORTANT Correction: The real Re: IMPORTANT - Is your libc6 library broken? I'm staying with the project, don't worry! including Qt on Debian installation scripts and MCA machines Installing Debian GNU/Linux 1.3 installing drivers floppy installing HAMM? intent to make a real video player installer RE: An intermediate release to `bo' and `hamm' (Re: No Debian up An intermediate release to `bo' and `hamm' (Re: No Debian updates?) Internet Backup [was Re: Packaging a *LARGE* dictionary] Interrelations affecting...and xemacs/emacs Is Greenbush still alive? its a known bug. who is fixing it? Re: "free" command stuffed Just checking I wasn't droppped from the list... KDE et al may not incorporate other people's GPL'd code KDE needs qt1g! kernel 2.0.30 and Cyrix 686s KERNEL: ip_masq_update Kernel/Libc5 Problem (Bug#13682: setserial can't set closing_wait2) KERNEL: New File System Module!!!!!!! kernel-package and utmp (resp deb-gencontrol) Klee's mail (and Re: libpam0, libpam-util, libpwdb packages) Last call for adbbs before I give up on it. Latest libc6/libg++ breaks update-menus Re: Leaving Debian -- adopt my packages Lessons (KDE & GNOME & Linux) Let's be friends. (Non-maintainer uploads made easier) Libc5 dependencies libc5 dpkg - any interest ? libc6 programs on a bo system? Libc6 progress "Libc6 runtime kit" for bo libc6: xmkmf problem libjpegg6a? libpam0, libpam-util, libpwdb packages libreadline problem (BS key) libtool and it's use of -rpath Linux 2.0.30 was: Re: [DEBIAN] How to build glibc? LinuxPro'97 conference `login_970616-1.deb' is *BROKEN* Looking for a mentor. (was Re: mentors for new maintainers) Mail bounces from MaintainerDatabase Copyright Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright [a proposal] Maintaining libc5 Re: majordomo and exim Making base libc5 free mentors for new maintainers Menu Segfaults! (thank you!) Meta-D, Backspace, hamm xterm/libreadline More from RMS More museings on widgets Moving day Multiboot/GRUB (was Re: Problems with printing postscript files) MuPAD mutt for bo Re: my first package - xvgr ncurses problem: Broken terminals in unstable Nedit License need non-us maintainer for speak-freely Re: Need Python accessory package need someone to run the mirror list for a while new e2fsprogs & partitions > than 2gig? Re: New ip-up New ip-up (Was: Re: REQ ip-up: run-parts /etc/ppp/up ) Re: New ip-up (Was: Re: REQ ip-up: run-parts /etc/ppp/up ) (fwd) New package -- copyrights problems. New Packages: emacspeak-bs, emacspeak-ac, emacspeak-ap... New Packages: Newtonlink and Biss AWT Re: New Package: spamdb 0.1 (source all) New package: TKStep 8.0. The last update was on 19:31 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1786 messages. Page 2 of 4.

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