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Re: new e2fsprogs & partitions > than 2gig?

On Sun, Oct 19, 1997 at 09:36:40PM +0200, Juan Cespedes wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Oct 1997, Alexander E. Apke wrote:
> > 	Has someone tested the new e2fsprogs 1.10-6 to make sure it won't
> > eat drives with partitions > than 2 gig.  I am trying to be very carefull
> > to make sure my drive doesn't get hosed by this problem.
> 	It doesn't work.  Same behaviour as 1.10-4: it fails in all the
> blocks above 2Gb (see Bug#13892).

That's a trivial bug, the prototype for llseek is missing in glibc.
Ulrich Drepper argues llseek(2) is a internal function only.  Stupid enough,
the function exists and is well established in the Linux world, so it
should be declared correctly.  In other words, I think the decission not
to have a prototype for llseek in glibc is a desaster just waiting to
eat disks.  Whatever, the patch against vanilla e2fsutils 1.10 is attached.

--- e2fsprogs-1.10.orig/lib/ext2fs/llseek.c	Sat Mar  8 22:27:13 1997
+++ e2fsprogs-1.10/lib/ext2fs/llseek.c	Tue Sep 23 23:50:29 1997
@@ -59,6 +59,8 @@
 #endif /* __alpha__ */
+extern loff_t llseek (int fd, loff_t offset, int whence);
 ext2_loff_t ext2fs_llseek (unsigned int fd, ext2_loff_t offset,
 			 unsigned int origin)

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