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Forwarding addresses...was (Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright)

On 7 Oct 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> >> Ok.  My suggestion: Distribute email addresses only in the
> >> "whoever@debian.org" form.  All maintainers have one of these.
> Dale> Not necessarily! I, for one, don't use the debian.org address,
> Dale> and don't have a forward on master (I used to, but it disapeared
> Dale> and I haven't seen fit to re-establish it).
> 	Hmm. Would it be too onerous for you to establish a .qmail? 

I believe that I did this, somewhere in the deep dark past. It stopped
working at one point (maybe not, though I seemed not to have the required
~/.qmail file on my master account)

It seems, that since I am not on the list you compiled, that I still have
such a file. (I just went to master and checked. I understand why I was
confused. /home/dwarf contains the .qmail file of interest. However, when
I log into master, I get placed in /debian/home/dwarf which contains no
such file.)

>                                                                   I
>  think that <maintainer>@debian.org is an invariant we should
>  maintain, it is easy for users and other people to reach developers
>  that way (also easy to tell people how to reach developers).
Then if it were created when the home directory is created, its existance 
would be insured.

> 	The contents of the ~/.qmail file would simply be
> &dwarf@polaris.net

That is, indeed, what is there.

>   and you can upload it in place using the same mechanism you use to
>   upload packages. 
> 	Are there very many people who do not have a valid .qmail file
>  on master? <quick check>, Hmm, about 18 real people, out of 278,
>  which is  about 6.475%. 
At least I'm not in the minority this time ;-)


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