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Re: Linux 2.0.30 was: Re: [DEBIAN] How to build glibc?

joost@rulcmc.leidenuniv.nl (joost witteveen) writes:


> Still, I don't see at all why that would mean we shouldn't use
> the kernel headers from  2.0.30 (to put them in our glibc package). 
> OK, there are subtle bugs in some kernel .c file somewhere. But
> in the kernel headers?

Probably not.

> > Some of these have probably been fixed to some extent by the patches
> > applied to the Debian source for 2.0.30.
> Do they patch the .h files?

>From looking at the diff on the CDROM, mostly for additional ISDN and
MCA code.  There have probably been bigger changes in .h files from
2.0.29 to 2.0.30.

I don't really have any opinion about where the include files should
come from, but you did ask what the problem was with 2.0.30.

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