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Re: ELM Copyright

Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Note the words "reasonable copying fee", and "You may not charge a fee
> for this Package itself".  I consider this language equivalent to that
> in the Elm license.  If you reject Elm then you must also reject the
> Artistic License, for the same reason.

Elm doesn't allow for a reasonable copying fee.  Or did I miss something?

That said, the packages which offer an artistic license, that I'm aware
of are: perl (various perl packages), slang, mailagent, npasswd_boulder,
angband, ssh, diff, and weblint.  The perl packages are also available
under GPL, same goes for slang, the part of ssh which has an artistic
license, and diff.  It wouldn't be a great loss to move mailagent,
npasswd_boulder and weblint to non-free (as if that should be used as
a criteria).


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