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Re: Help! Boot script doesn't run SOLVED!

On 97/10/13 at 23:15 PM +0200, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote: 

> In article <19971013170139.19808@cfw.com>,
> Victor Torrico <vtorrico@cfw.com> wrote:
> >I was installing the latest hamm/hamm sysvinit and also have file-rc
> >installed.
> Oh - oh ...
> >The /etc/init.d/boot script doesn't run.  None of the file systems are
> >mounted upon boot.  That is the / filesystem is mounted read only but it and
> >the other filesytems are never mounted writable.  What starts the /etc/init.d/boot
> >script?  /etc/runlevel.conf seems OK.  Runlevel 2 doesn't work correctly.
> >
> >I'm dead in the water now.
> >
> >Help sincerely appreciated.
> For everybody that has this problem, try the following:
> o Boot with the "-b" option on the LILO command line
> o At the shell prompt, enter "mount -n -o remount,rw /"
> o edit /etc/inittab
> ** Write down how the entry with /etc/init.d/boot looks now, I
>    really would like to know that!


The entry before changing the /etc/inittab file is:


I changed this to:


Also the installation of sysvinit 0.72 had actually deleted the
/etc/init.d/boot file.  I copied /etc/init.d/boot.OLD to /etc/init.d/boot to
restore the file.  This and going from .../rcS to .../boot fixed the problem.

To test I reinstalled sysvinit 0.72 and the /etc/inittab entry went back to:


Also the /etc/init.d/boot file once again was deleted.


Thank you for your kindness in helping.



> o change the "/etc/init.d/boot" to "/etc/init.d/rcS" so that it looks like
>    si::sysinit:/etc/init.d/rcS
> o Save and exit
> o Type "mount -n -o remount,ro /"
> o Enter "reboot -f"
> Now the system should boot again.
> I'll upload a fixed sysvinit tommorow morning. In the mean time, do NOT
> install sysvinit-2.72 !
> PS: please read the line with `**' again and mail me !
> Mike.
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Victor Torrico

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