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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright

On Mon, 6 Oct 1997, Christian Schwarz wrote:

> First, we have to define which data will be distributed. I agree with
> Christian Lynbech that we don't have to distribute the whole data. For
> example, we should probably not distribute the private email addresses
> of all people, since some want to keep it of the web so that spammers
> can't find them.

Ok.  My suggestion:  Distribute email addresses only in the
"whoever@debian.org" form.  All maintainers have one of these. If I want
all my mail from this account forwarded home,  I'll use .forward.  Otherwise,
I can keep spam from reaching my main account by reading it on master.

Also,  if SPI decideds that an entity is spamming debian maintainers,
Debian, as a group,  can refuse mail from those people by simply setting
master.debian.org to refuse it.

> So what about this: The complete database is stored in a file on
> master.debian.org together with a license, which does not allow
> distribution. Every maintainer could log into master and read it, but
> downloading would not be allowed.

Sounds good to me.

> integrity of the DB. Thus, we either have to use a license which does not
> allow modifications or, even better, we use PGP to sign the DB. 

How 'bout both?.  Let the maintainer pgp it,  and I'll download the
keyring and pgp check it if I'm concerned.  In this case the database
should clearly state someplace that only copies of the archive signed by the
maintainer should be considered "official".


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