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Re: dpkg: half-installed packages


	I am not sure if this is what you are talking about, but ...
>>"Sven" == Sven Rudolph <sr1@os.inf.tu-dresden.de> writes:

Sven> I need a way to tell dpkg that a package it is installed, so
Sven> that dpkg knows about the installed files. On the other hand
Sven> dpkg should replace this package with the complete package, even
Sven> if the versions are the same.
Sven> Is anything like this implemented ?

	There is an unofficial package floating around that tells dpkg
 that a package is installed (essentially, this uses dpkg to edit the
 status file).

	dpkg -i shall install any package, regardless of the version
 installed (barring dependency problems).

	Am I missing something?

 /* this atrocity is necessary on SPARC because registers modified by
 the child get propagated back to the parent via the window
 save/restore mechanism. */ SunOS 4.0 vfork.h
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