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Re: MaintainerDatabase Copyright

Manoj wrote:
> 	Secondly, anything without a copyright, in general, is not
>  public domain (as you well know). 

You're over-generalizing.  The Berne convention covers "every production
in the literary, scientific and artistic domain, whatever may be the mode 
or form of its expression".  


Like I said, this usually does not extend to stuff you'd usually find
in databases, statistics, sports scores and lots of other things.  It 
does vary from country to country.

There are some movements afoot to define new forms of intellectual 
property rights for these -- but none have been widely successful so far, 
as far as I know.

The WIPO copyright treaty (WCT) does extend a little bit more protection to
databases -- but it got watered down from it's original form (put forward 
by the U.S. I think) -- and hasn't been ratified by anybody yet:


Anyways -- the point I really wanted to make was that you could probably
get away with a simple question like "Do you agree to let the Debian project
use this information?" rather than writing a license.   A license is a 
complicated, convulated legal document which everybody is going want to
debate.  Particularily if it fails to fall under our much-debated definition
of "free".


 - Jim

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