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Re: dpkg and custom kernels ( was: report of upgrade bo -> hamm )


	I missed the start of this discussion, so this may not be
 really germane to the issue. 

	The reason, I think, that dpkg upgrades the custom kernel with
 a new standard kernel is that the new standard kernel comes with an
 epoch; hence making it preferable in dpkg's eyes over _all_ non
 epoched versions. 

	The solution, for the future, is to put an defensive epoch on
 the custom kernel (kernel-package allows you to do so: 
    --revision 1:custom.Y); however, the solution is admitedly ugly. I
 wish there had been no epochs on standard kernels ;-), however, since
 each new kernel version is a new package, at least the epoch won't be
 carried around for ever.

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